Keep Your Car Looking Showroom New


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Nothing catches the attention of other drivers like the beautiful, reflective nature of a vehicle's paint job. The way it catches the summer sun and glistens with every inch it moves. Sometimes just sitting there parked in a lot is enough to turn heads and draw the gaze of others who may not even be big car enthusiasts. Maintaining the fresh-off-the-lot look is a bit more difficult than it might seem, however. The weekly wash and occasional waxing can help prevent dirt buildup and other splotches from appearing, but over time, surface damage, and paint fading can occur. This ultimately reduces the overall appeal of the vehicle, resulting not only in a drop in showmanship but a drop in value as well. In order to avoid this and to ensure, whatever the make or model, the car looks as beautiful as the day it rolled off the lot, vehicle owners need to look towards additional protective coatings, such as what is provided by CalTex and its ResistAll product.

The Perfect Appearance Protection

Even when professionally applied, wax doesn't protect against everything. To ensure complete protection from not only the sun, but rain, snow and salt, ResistAll takes the level of protection up a notch, far beyond what any traditional wax application can provide. A vehicle is an investment. From a sports car to an extended truck or SUV, everyone wants their vehicle to last and to look as beautiful as the day they purchased it. With the automotive paint protection provided by ResistAll by CalTex, all of this is possible.

From the Outside to Inside

When it comes to a vehicle's overall beauty, most of the attention is paid to the exterior of the vehicle. However, for owners and those who ride in the vehicle, maintaining a beautiful interior is important as well. ResistAll is not just an exterior product but it also provides auto interior surface protection product as well. From leather/vinyl seats to fabric interiors, sunlight can fade the original color, giving it an inferior, muted color tone. To prevent this from happening, ResistAll Interior Protection is the product car owners need to turn to.

A Warranty Vehicle Owners Can Count On

Warranties come and go, depending on the age of the vehicle, but the comprehensive warranty offered by CalTex covers a wide variety of environmental hazards. This way, should the vehicle suffer any kind of covered damage the product is designed to protect against, it can be evaluated, corrected and repaired.

*See your automotive dealer for specific warranty coverage

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