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posted by Kara Whitehouse

There is something to be said about that new car smell. When you combine it with that new car look, it is an unbeatable experience. Before the introduction of high-quality environmental protection products, the owner of a new car simply had to be happy to watch that new car look and smell gradually wear away.

The ResistAll Family

CalTex manufactures ResistAll, a line of high-quality car care products that offer protection for your investment from top to bottom and inside out. Since 1983, this employee-owned business has been providing innovative aftermarket and environmental protection products through dealerships across the country. Armed with a dedicated and energetic workforce that boasts a strong foundation of core values, CalTex backs its superior products with some of the industry’s most comprehensive warranties so consumers know they are paying for a quality product.

Warranty Information

When the dealer hands you the warranty paperwork, your salesperson will have filled out several areas on the form. You will see where your pertinent information -- such as your name, address and phone number -- has been placed in the appropriate areas. In addition, the dealership name and address will have already been filled out. Your vehicle information, including the make, year, model, mileage and serial number, will be listed when indicated. There is also an area for your email address. Before you drive your new car off the lot, make sure that all these pieces of information are completed correctly.

The ResistAll family of products are all backed by "A" rated insurance carriers. In addition, the warranty is fully transferable to the vehicle's second owner. This is a fantastic selling point that adds value to your car and increases its appeal.

*See your dealer for details regarding your specific warranty coverage

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