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posted by Kara Whitehouse

When it comes to vehicle damage caused by the elements, rain, snow and the salt used against ice are typically what come to mind. Sunlight, however, is not one of them. Despite this, harsh sunlight can cause significant damage to the paint and appearance of the vehicle. If you live in a dry, hot location of the United States like the southwest, this is a real problem. To protect your vehicle, you need an extra barrier capable of protecting the exterior paint against harmful UV rays. ResistAll can provide you with this protective barrier.

What Does Sun Damage Do

Sun damage more or less dries out the paint on the vehicle and starts to break down the color. Rings start to appear around the paint, showing the metal panel coloring through. This happens to any vehicle after extensive sunlight exposure. While parking in a garage or inside of a parking structure is important, it is not always an option. For transplants into these areas of the country, many do not realize the sun is capable of causing this kind of damage. That’s why protecting the vehicle with ResistAll helps provide beautiful appearance protection while also maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Improved Protection with Exterior Warranty

When buying the car off of a lot, regardless of if it is used or new, the long-term appearance of your car’s paint rarely, if ever, falls under a manufacturer’s extended warranty. With the warranted coverage of a ResistAll application, should the paint start to fade under the protective application, it is covered. This way, you’re protected.

Interior Protection

Beyond the exterior of a car, the interior can also be impacted by extensive sunlight exposure. Tinted windows can help protect against this, but front glass can only be tinted to a certain degree before being considered illegal (the tint darkness varies based on the state). Sunlight exposure fades out the dashboard colors, and once the dash starts to fade, it can require an expensive replacement in order to return it to its original color. ResistAll is more than just an exterior protection product but an interior protection product as well. This way, covered interior surfaces of the vehicle can avoid harmful UV rays and maintain a pristine, beautiful color. All it takes is the application of ResistAll.

If you are serious about protecting your vehicle from sun damage, you need to invest in protective coatings for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. ResistAll provides this automotive protection while also offering a comprehensive warranty for your car's paint - just in case!

*See your participating dealership for complete warranty details.

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