Protect Your Car from The Everyday Environment


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Your vehicle is a major investment, and as such, it should be protected. Help maintain the appearance and even the potential trade-in value of your new car by purchasing automotive paint protection before you ever drive it off the lot. 

Even the safest drivers encounter daily challenges, and any one of them can wreak havoc on your vehicle's appearance -- even something so simple as where you park your car. Even more, seasonal road conditions can cause damage to your paint and the clear coat that protects it. Abrasive road salt, sticky tree sap, fine scratches left by low-hanging tree limbs -- all can compromise the manufacturer's paint job and the clear coat on top of it. And once your vehicle's paint begins chipping away, damaging rust isn't far behind. 

ResistAll can also keep your car's undercarriage rust- and corrosion-free. ResistAll's unique undercoat protection not only helps prevent rust and corrosion, but it helps reduce road noise and maintain temperatures inside your vehicle too. It's never been easier to protect your car's undercoating from rust and deterioration as well. 

Even your car seats and dashboard can benefit from the added security. ResistAll offers warranted protection that helps prevent premature cracking and aging of leather and vinyl surfaces. And your windshield can stay safe from the scratches and chips caused by flying debris too, when you opt for ResistAll Windshield Protection. 

For those who like an extra measure of protection, the ResistAll family of products from CalTex are an ideal choice – and only available from your car dealer. ResistAll products are safe, water-based protectants that are kind to the environment and can add life to the shine of your vehicle's paint. One application makes your vehicle's appearance easier to maintain and provides warranted protection against harsh environmental factors. You've made a major commitment needed to purchase a new car, now protect it by making a small investment needed to keep it looking sharp and new. Ask your dealer about ResistAll appearance protection products today.

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