Protect Your Car from The Harsh Winter Conditions


posted by Kara Whitehouse

While snow is pretty, it's pretty much a problem for automobiles. It makes driving on the roads treacherous. It can also be rough on the exterior of your vehicle. By taking care of snow and ice on your automobile properly and using an automotive paint protection product, you can feel more confident about the appearance of your vehicle.

Clean the Snow Off of Your Car

You need to clean the snow off of your car in other areas besides your windshield. Make sure the places where there's paint are cleaned off. This acts as appearance protection since the snow can deteriorate your car's paint. Snow is made of water, and water plus metal create the perfect equation for rust formation and will cause already rusted areas to corrode even further.

Remove Ice Correctly

Remove ice from your car properly as a car paint protection method, especially if you don't have a car paint warranty. Never use your ice scraper to scrape ice anywhere on your vehicle besides the windshield. These were designed for the glass surface of a windshield only and will harm the paint on your car. Instead, you should use your hands to remove the ice. If you're unable to do so, the best way is to let your car warm up and let the ice melt off.

Removing Salt

Salt works well at keeping you safe on the road, but it, unfortunately, doesn't keep your paint job safe. It acts as a corrosive and has the potential to make the finish look dull. Don't ever use your hands or a rag to just wipe the salt off. The salt has jagged edges and is very abrasive. When you rub it, these gritty pieces of sodium chloride scratch the finish. You should wash your car just like you usually would.

The Right Products

No matter how well you take care of your car, there's still a possibility you don’t have enough surface protection to prevent against winter damage. You can purchase a rust inhibitor to keep moisture away that has the ability to protect against salt as well.

ResistAll exterior and interior products, available from your car dealer, can be used on the interior or exterior of your vehicle. Utilizing nanotechnology – the science of small - it uses both positive and negatively charged particles to bond with the clear coat to protect the paint from loss of gloss, water etching and road salt.

Being aware of the issues winter causes to your paint job and how to prevent it can protect your car's appearance for years to come. The right products further advance how long your vehicle's paint and body last. 

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