Protect Your Car’s Interior and Exterior with ResistAll Plus!


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Purchasing a car isn’t an easy process. A lot of time, research and test-drives go into ensuring you find the perfect vehicle for you or your family. After you’ve narrowed down your options and signed on the dotted line, it’s time to think about keeping your vehicle in pristine condition after you drive off the lot.

Ask your dealership about ResistAll Plus to always keep your car looking like you just drove it off the showroom floor!

ResistAll Plus Benefits Explained

ResistAll Plus provides comprehensive appearance protection to keep your new car looking good, inside and out. This product protects both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. All of the below benefits are backed by a product warranty that protects a new vehicle purchase or lease.

  • Exterior paint protection provides a shield from harmful environmental weather and road elements.
  • Minor dent remediation and paint sealant reapplication helps smooth out those troublesome dents and dings when they happen.
  • Powerful interior protection creates a barrier against stains and odors caused by food and drink.

ResistAll Plus Interior Car Protection

ResistAll Plus creates a stain barrier and protects leather, vinyl and fabric seats with the ResistAll Plus sealant. This eco-friendly product protects against permanent stains, retains the soft feeling of leather and vinyl, makes cleaning up a breeze and eliminates bacteria causing odor from food and drinks.

Make sure to ask your dealership to treat your car’s interior with ResistAll Plus to keep it clean and reduce fade for years to come.

ResistAll Plus Exterior Car Protection

ResistAll Plus protects the exterior paint and surface from an array of environmental hazards:

Paint fadingLoss of GlossHard Water
Tree SapFaded Headlight Lens          De-icing Agents
Sand Abrasion          Brake DustInsects

ResistAll Plus…Preserving the Beauty of Your Vehicle

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