Protect Your Cars Value by Protecting Your Cars Interior


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Most car owners spend the majority of their time working on the exterior of their vehicle, from washing it to waxing it, or just a quick drive through wash. But often, very little upkeep is ever done on the interior of your vehicle. Here are a few tips to protect the value of your car at trade-in time!

Of course, the outside of a vehicle is what turns heads. However, protecting the interior of the vehicle is also important. It drastically helps with maintaining the vehicle's resale value (See what the Kelley Blue Book site says!), and it also helps prevent permanent damage. With the help of ResistAll products and the warranty that backs it up, you get more than more than just paint protection.

What Can Go Wrong Inside?

Sure, more can go wrong on the outside of the vehicle. It is why you need to take advantage of the appearance protection when you purchase a car. But much can go wrong on the interior of the vehicle as well, which is why you need to look towards auto interior surface protection. You're won't suffer from shopping cart dents or nicks from stones, but both moisture and sunlight can prove extremely damaging.

Constant sunlight on the dashboard washes out the color. It can cause some areas of the dash to be discolored and even crack due to drying out and heating up. Newer vehicles do a better job blocking out sunlight, but it is not a guarantee. Sunlight will eventually damage the interior of a vehicle.

Moisture is another major problem. Tracking in mud or snow is an issue.Spilling liquids like soda or coffee onto a seat can cause damage to leather as well.

This is where the ResistAll line of products from CalTex can help. After all, protecting a vehicle is more than just automotive paint protection.

Protect Your Investment

Your vehicle is a major investment. It is what you'll depend on to move from one location to the next for several years. As you'll probably spend a good amount of time in your vehicle, you need to do whatever you can to protect it and to make sure it is designed to last.

Maintaining the exterior of the vehicle is important, from what is under the hood to the hood itself. However, you also need to keep the interior of the vehicle protected. You can clean and maintain it to the best of your abilities, but time, moisture and the elements will eventually cause some sort of damage.

To avoid this, you just need to turn to your dealership and ask for ResistAll to help protect the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

*See your dealer for warranty details 

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