Protect Your RV From The Environment


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Auto Paint Protection is Not Just for Your Car. Protect Your RV

People spend countless hours prepping and safeguarding their vehicles. From weekly washings and waxing to cleaning the inside and out, it is all part of a routine designed to extend the life of the vehicle. All of this is recommend and can extend not only the life of the vehicle but help maintain resale value as well. However, traditional cars, trucks and SUVs are not the only vehicles in need of auto paint protection. For anyone who owns an RV, this is often an overlooked vehicle. It sits in the driveway for months at a time, soaking up the sun and waiting for adventure. The problem with this is it remains exposed to the elements, placing it in a dangerous position as the wind, precipitation and sunlight all deteriorate the exterior of the vehicle. Due to this, it is just as important to protect an RV as a station wagon.

Protect the Appearance of the RV

RVs are fantastic vehicles for touring the United States. It makes it easier to visit national parks and camp on site. It allows stopping for extended weekends and going about the nation without a specific schedule. Of course, during the cross country trips, rain, snow and salt collects on the underside of the RV. The continual shining of sunlight damages the paint, while general driving conditions can slowly wear down the appearance of the vehicle. This is why ResistAll products are essential. It is more than just a protective paint sealant.

Offering Automotive Paint Protection

Sunlight is more damaging to a vehicle's paint than many realize. It washes the color out, leaving behind sun-bleached marks. A new paint job, for any vehicle, is expensive. With ResistAll, it not only provides automotive paint protection but it also comes with a warranty.

More Than the Outside

Protecting the RV isn't just for the outside. Protecting the inside is just as important, especially with all the surface space inside an RV. Thanks to the auto interior surface protection, the outside and inside of the vehicle is protected against life’s little messes.

*See dealer for warranty details

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