Remember Your First Car


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Do you remember your first car? Maybe you purchased it second hand from a dealer or private party, or maybe you got it squeaky clean off the showroom floor. Or maybe your parents gave you their old ride instead of buying you something. Whatever car you had, it was your first and the one that caused you to fall in love with the automobile.

It Took You Everywhere

Your car took you everywhere. Whether it was to school or work, parties or road trips with friends, sports at school, after school activities, or even to the grocery store to pick up things for your parents, your trusty car or truck was there for you. You probably went on your first date in your first car. It took you places and it got you home safe as long as you did your job as a careful driver.

Wasn't it a Beauty?

Your first car was great looking — maybe only to you, but it looked great. You kept it clean and you learned how you had to maintain your vehicle to keep it running smooth. Maybe you even named your car. It was more trustworthy than some of your friends — and certainly some of your dates. You wished it could last forever with the care you gave it.

Tough Environment

As time went on, your first car started looking a little dreary. Maybe the paint didn't look as bright as before, or maybe the seats looked careworn. The carpet began to look dingy, and you heard the siren song of a new car in your future. Maybe the road conditions finally wore your car's appearance down. The UV rays from the sun caused the paint to fade and then crack and peel. Maybe your friends spilled ketchup or greasy food that made stains that you could never get out, no matter how hard you tried. Maybe the relentless winters and the harsh salts and road chemicals started eating away at your trusty steed. Oh, if you only had something to protect your car from the onslaught.

Today, We're Lucky

If only ResistAll had been available back then! With the exterior protection, you wouldn't have to worry about paint oxidation, road salt or hard water etching. The interior would also be much easier to clean with ResistAll interior protection

When you purchase your next vehicle, be sure to ask the dealer for ResistAll by name so you can ensure you will have a beautiful car for years to come, both inside and out.

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