ResistAll Rust Inhibitor - More Than Wax


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Waxing a vehicle does have protective attributes. It prevents a collection of dirt and other grime from causing surface area issues. It can also protect against rust. However, there is a very limited extent of protection offered by wax. When applied either by the owner or by a car wash, it only protects the body exterior of the vehicle. It does not protect the undercarriage of the vehicle. While visible rust on the body panels is unattractive, the most damage occurs when rust develops on the underside of the vehicle. This rust can linger on for tens of thousands of miles, all without the owner knowing, until something breaks down. ResistAll Body Protection with rust inhibitor keeps moisture from corroding inner body panels from the inside out. Not only does Rust Inhibitor help reduce rust and corrosion, but it also helps protect against salt and humidity.

Impressive Car Paint Warranty

Whether buying a vehicle new or used, it typically does not have an extensive appearance protection warranty attached to it. An owner can opt for "rust proofing", which may assist a small amount, but for the most part, this is just an added expense without much benefit. Vehicles typically do not experience rust for several years, and by the time rust does start to develop (either on the body or under the vehicle) the rust proofing warranty has expired. To make up for this lack of protection, ResistAll provides a much more comprehensive protective policy. It offers car paint warranty protection. This way, should anything that ResistAll warrants against, the automotive paint protection policy kicks in, covering any required restoration and repairs assessed on the vehicle (See participating dealer for specific warranty details).

Peace of Mind, No Matter the Location

There is nothing more damaging to the quality of a vehicle's exterior than rust. Beyond the unattractive nature of metal breaking down, once rust starts to develop, it cannot be reversed. With the aid of some services the rust can be halted, or at the very least slowed down, but when it comes to the integrity of a vehicle's exterior body, rust is a cancer. It is better to do everything in an owner's power to avoid this kind of development.

Rust happens. While it is more likely to occur where it snows and rains throughout the year, rust can develop anywhere. With ResistAll Body Protection, auto owners have peace of mind, knowing their vehicle is always protected. 

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