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posted by Kara Whitehouse

Your car takes abuse every time you drive it. It's the nature of the automotive environment. The weather, road chemicals, UV rays from the sun, dirt and debris, pollution, and even detergents and phosphates from washing your car can actually dull your car's paint job. Let's see what kind of damage a new car's paint can go through.

Weather Troublemakers

It should come as no surprise that rain, snow, hail, and ice can cause dull your paint job. But did you know that the sun's UV rays can do damage to your car's appearance as well? Every time your car is in the hot sun, the sun's ultraviolet rays are destroying your car's finish. A car that is outside the good portion of the time will have its paint fade, peel, and crack without the proper protection. That's why it is so important to use the right exterior protective coating on your car to keep that showroom appearance. Even if you garage your car, no matter how carefully you take care of it, your car's paint needs special protection when it does go out into the elements.

Beware of Pollution

Air pollution, dust, dirt, acid rain, and other forms of pollution isn't healthy for you, and certainly isn't good for your car. Your car's paint and undercarriage can be severely compromised through exposure of day to day pollutants. What was once a beautiful show room quality appearance now looks dirty, dingy, and even pitted without the proper protection.

Beware of Road Chemicals

Your car's paint can easily be damaged by chemicals put down on the road. Whether you're passing through a construction zone and drive through road grime and oil, or whether you're driving on an icy road where the plow trucks have laid deicer and salt down, your automobile's paint and undercarriage is under attack. These chemicals are highly corrosive and will damage your car's or truck's paint and body work. This is why you need exterior protection to ensure that these chemicals don't cause rust or other problems. It is also important to wash off the chemicals as soon as possible to keep your car looking as good as new for a long time.

Natural but Harmful

While insects, bird droppings, and tree sap might be natural, they can wreak havoc on a show room paint job. Without proper protection, your paint will show marks where nature has left its little "presents." This is why it is so important to keep your car clean and wash away any dead bugs, bird droppings, or tree sap that might have fallen or been collected on your car or truck. This is also why having exterior protection is also very important.

Call on ResistAll

ResistAll is the most advanced, powerful interior and exterior environmental protection product available for your car, and is available only through your automotive dealer. ResistAll is backed with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Our products are water-based, meeting strict environmental standards, so not only to further protect your vehicle from the environment on the outside, but also you and your family on the inside. ResistAll offers protection that the manufacturer’s warranty does not typically cover, and ResistAll can be purchased on both new and used vehicles.

*See your automotive dealer for specific warranty coverage

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