Summertime is ResistAll Time


posted by Kara Whitehouse

With the approach of summertime and summer sunshine, so approaches potential hazard’s to your car’s exterior.

You love your new car and you take good care of it, which is why you're probably glad winter with the salt and deicers on the road is gone for another season. But did you know that summertime has its own dangers to your car's exterior? Protect your car with ResistAll from CalTex to ensure it looks beautiful for years to come.

Summer Hazards to Your Car's Exterior

You love how your vehicle looked when you drove it home from the dealer. It had an amazing showroom finish that turned heads wherever you went. But with time, your car is subjected to some of the worst attacks on its paint and body. Even in summer your car's finish is under attack from tree sap, bird droppings, insects, and relentless heat from the sun. .

Sunny Weather is Hazardous to Your Car's Exterior

Even great weather can dull your car's beautiful exterior. The sun's ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc on your paint, causing fading and loss of gloss, your once gorgeous pride and joy soon becomes careworn and old before your eyes. It begins to look like some of those sad looking cars you see in the parking lots around town. It no longer looks as appealing as it once was. Without the superior defense of ResistAll Exterior protection, your car's paint could fade over time.

Winter Isn't that Far Behind

We all would like to think spring is here and winter is nothing more than a memory, but you know how whacky the seasons can be. One day you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts; the next day you are dealing with cold rain and inclement weather. Then, if you live in the northern states, there's the freak snow storm or even ice storms. Construction crews will lay down the salt and deicer thick because everyone has already changed over to summer tires.

Construction Zones: Hazardous to Your Car's Exterior

Spring and summer time are the times when road crews are out in force to fix the damage to the roads from the previous winter. While you may be relieved to have the roads fixed, the chemicals and solvents used to repair the roads will eat your car's paint and make your car look shabby. Tar, oil, solvents, chipseal, and can damage your exterior. Even if you manage to wash them off frequently, the damage has been done.

What your car needs is ResistAll Exterior protection to protect it against all the springtime hazards. Your car dealer can install ResistAll Exterior protection before you drive your car home from the showroom. It's superior protection from everything spring will throw at your car. Ask for ResistAll protection by name when you purchase your next car.

*See your participating dealer for warranty details.

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