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posted by Kara Whitehouse

You love your car, which is why you take the very best care of it. However, no matter how careful or neat you are – messes happen. Maybe it was that time when you picked up coffee on your way to work and it spilled. Or when the kid’s get hungry and you have to get fast food. The time you drove your sick dog to the vet. Or even the muddy boots you didn't notice when you got into the car.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could protect our cars’ interior so that these things wouldn't make permanent stains in the carpet or upholstery? There is auto interior surface protection available that offers warranted protection for your cars’ interior.

Protect Your Car's Interior from the Worst Offenders

It's very important to keep your car's interior looking like new. A car with dirty, torn, and dingy interior has a lower resale value than a car that looks well kept. It also makes for a more comfortable car to drive around in. Food, drinks, pet stains, tobacco smoke, rips and tears, oil and grease, mud, vomit, and mildew can wreck the interior of your car. Not only are these things unsightly, but they often smell bad as well. That's why you need an interior protectant that will form a barrier between the carpet or upholstery and the damaging substance.

Using Seat Covers and Floor Mats

One way to help keep your car's upholstery and carpet looking good is to install seat covers and floor mats. These can help keep the damaging substances off your cars or truck's carpet and upholstery, that they are not fail safes. Floor mats do not cover the entire carpet, and seat covers won't protect seats from getting soaked unless they're made out of plastic, which is very uncomfortable. What's more, these measures alone won't protect consoles, armrests, dashboard, or any other upholstered area.

Protect Your Investment with ResistAll

ResistAll is the most advanced, powerful interior and exterior environmental protection product available for your car, and is available through your automotive dealer. ResistAll is backed with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. ResistAll offers protection that the manufacturer’s warranty does not traditionally cover. Our products are water-based, meeting strict environmental standards, so not only to further protect your vehicle from the environment on the outside, but also you and your family on the inside. And ResistAll can be purchased on both new and used vehicles.

*See your automotive dealer for specific warranty details 

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