Your Car Is a Reflection of You


posted by Kara Whitehouse

Your car is a statement of you. It takes you places and makes you look good. One way to be sure your car stays looking great is to make sure its paint is always beautiful.

Start with a Great Exterior Coating

Your car will look great coming from the dealer's showroom, but how will it look a year from now? Ultraviolet rays from the sun, dirt, grime, bugs, road salt, deicer, and pollution are just some of the things that attack your car's showroom quality paint job. One way to keep these pollutants at bay is to protect it with ResistAll Exterior Environmental Protection. Not just a clear coat, it's like armor for your car's paint so that it continues to look great year after year. Ask your dealer to protect your car with ResistAll so you can be sure it will be protected for years to come.

Keep Your Car Clean

Washing your car prevents dirt and grime from eating through your paint job. It also makes your car look terrific. When driving on streets which have had deicer and salt put on them because of snow or ice, be sure to take a hose to not only the paint, but also the undercarriage of your car. Those chemicals aren't good for the undercarriage either, so you're helping keep your car in good mechanical shape as well.

Keep Your Car in the Garage

The best thing for your car is to keep it garaged. When you opt for ResistAll protection, it will help prevent a lot of different types of damage, you can extend the exterior coat just by garaging your car when you’re at home. It won't be as exposed to the elements year round and will continue to look good. If you don't have a garage, see about using a carport or overhang to keep your car partially protected from the weather.

Have Your Car Detailed Regularly

Having your car detailed regularly by a professional detailer will help bring back the shine to your car's paint job, especially if you've been too busy to keep your car clean.

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