​ResistAll Family of Products

The ResistAll family of products are the most advanced, powerful exterior and interior environmental protection products available, with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. ResistAll has interior and exterior protection that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover. Our products are water-based, meeting strict environmental standards, so not only to further protect your vehicle from the environment on the outside, but also you and your family on the inside. And ResistAll can be purchased on both new and used vehicles.

ResistAll also comes with a great warranty. Some of the additional benefits you receive are rental car reimbursement up to $50/day, a term of up to 7 years (depending on the coverage you choose), no transfer fees for active US Military, and a product warranty that’s renewable for life.*

Exterior Paint Protection

The outside of your car undergoes a lot of punishment from the weather and road conditions – oxidation, sand abrasion, road salt, bird waste, and tree sap, just to name a few. The superior protection of ResistAll will help keep the finish of your vehicle easier to maintain while creating a durable shield against potential environmental damage. ResistAll is a cutting-edge protectant employing nanotechnology to lead the industry with superior product performance and unparalleled warranty benefits.

Interior Surface Protection

Leather / Vinyl

UV rays, excessive heat, cold, and dryness can cause damage to the fine interior surfaces of your vehicle. ResistAll interior protection acts as a shield, repelling harmful UV rays and conditioning your upholstery, dashboard, doors and other interior surfaces so that they look like they are in showroom condition. You will see how this remarkable leather/vinyl interior protection can prevent permanent staining, fading, cracking, and discoloration throughout the interior of your vehicle.

Fabric Protection

It’s more than likely you will experience some accidental spills, splatters, or mishaps that can affect your vehicle’s interior fabric and carpet. If you are all too familiar with these scenarios (including stains from drinks, lipstick, or even your family pet), the good news is that ResistAll’s fabric protection has you covered. Designed to coat each fiber of your vehicle’s carpet and fabric upholstery, this treatment effectively resists permanent stains from both water and oil-based spills.

Warranty Coverage*

When you purchase ResistAll from your dealership, you are also protected with a strong warranty. All exterior painted surfaces on your vehicle are covered up to 7 years, depending upon your coverage. It also covers painted bumpers, side view mirrors, and original factory-installed spoilers and painted body side moldings. And the interior protection covers food and drink stains, fading, cracking, gum, inks and dyes, lipstick, makeup, crayons, urine, vomit, blood, pet stains, and some punctures (less than ¼ inch). You can have confidence that we will repair affected areas and make it convenient for you – through your selling dealership, or even through one of our nationwide mobile technicians.*


ResistAll Exterior and Interior Protection can be found at your participating automotive dealerships and is offered as ResistAll NG2, ResistAll NG, or ResistAll EnviroGuard.


ResistAll NG2 is our latest and most advanced exterior and interior protection. The science behind ResistAll NG2’s exterior protection takes advantage of positively-charged particles to combine with the negatively charged surface of a vehicle. A wet exterior facilitates the movement of the positive charge, enabling it to attach to and spread over the negatively-charged painted surfaces through electrostatic attraction. The protectant also includes nanoparticles, which create a hydrophobic high gloss finish.

ResistAll NG2 interior protection contains an antimicrobial agent that prevents odors caused by mold or mildew as a result of food or drink. It also contains inhibitors to prevent fading from UV rays.


ResistAll NG is a cutting-edge protectant that uses nanotechnology (the science of small), and was introduced as the leader in the industry with superior product performance and warranty benefits.*

ResistAll NG’s fabric protection is CalTex’s first ever water-based interior protection, meeting the most stringent VOC (volatile organic compounds) guidelines. And ResistAll NG exterior protection has expanded coverage that includes protection against water spotting on chrome, as well as headlight lens dulling or fading.*


ResistAll EnviroGuard was specifically designed to meet the new requirements for water-based automotive sealants. Like all ResistAll products, EnviroGuard provides high-performance protection and also meets strict environmental standards.

ResistAll EnviroGuard interior protection creates a barrier against stains, and protects against premature aging. The exterior protection, similar to the other ResistAll products, protects against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss, as well as damage from acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap, as well as other environmental damage.*

*See your participating dealer for full warranty coverage details and benefits.


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