Theft Protection

Vehicle theft is big business in the U.S. — the FBI reports that a car is stolen every 33 seconds. We can help reduce the risk of theft, plus assist with faster, surer recovery if the vehicle is stolen. Stay safe. Stay confident. Ask your dealer about ATP Window Etch or ShadowMark Vehicle Body Labeling.

Backed by a powerful fully-insured warranty*, our theft protection provides valuable benefits and peace of mind, including:

  • A potential reduction to your insurance rates
  • Protects 24/7/365
  • Endorsed by law enforcement agencies as an effective theft recovery benefit
  • Available through participating dealerships nationwide

ATP® Window Etch System

The ATP ® (Automotive Theft Protection) Window Etch System has proven to be one of the most effective theft deterrent products available. A unique identifier is permanently etched into the exterior glass on several windows of the vehicle, which deters theft and, if the vehicle is stolen, makes recovery easier. ATP Window Etch cannot be removed and will not wear off.

ShadowMark® Vehicle Body Labeling System

ShadowMark ® is a highly effective theft recovery aid that is also easy to apply. Technicians mark a unique identifier on hidden areas of the vehicle body. When a UV light shines on the area, the identifier will fluoresce, allowing law enforcement officers or recovery teams to quickly, easily identify the vehicle.

*See your participating dealer for full warranty coverage details and benefits.


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